The 3rd International
& 8th National Congress on
Health Education & Promotion

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and friends,

It is great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the 3rd International and 8th national Congress of Health Education & Promotion which will take place in Isfahan- Iran, Wednesday 23 – Friday 25 Aug 2017. 

 We have been witnessing the actualization of this science in our beloved country as a result of the dedicated academics’ attempts in setting the foundation of health education science. Hence, it is hoped that holding this congress will provide the opportunities for national and international scientific exchanges and underline the importance of thorough support and intervention in promoting the health. It is also hoped that this congress will shed more light on the significant role of experts in health education and promotion in this regard. We are looking forward to your participation and attendance in this congress.


Dr. Ahmad Ali Eslami
Scientific Secretary of the Congress

Imam Square Isfahan
Chehel Sotoun Isfahan